WELCOME TO THE PEX Hong Kong Guide 2013!

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WELCOME TO THE PEX Hong Kong Guide 2013!

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Easier Navigation: Table of Contents

Chapter 1 – Myths and FAQs
Topics covered:
About Hong Kong
Myths About Hong Kong
40 Things You Should Know Before Going To Hong Kong

Chapter 2 – General Information
Topics covered:
Planning Your Trip
Tour Packages
Travel Agencies
Currency Exchange & Money Changers
Accommodation in Hong Kong
Information on Hotels and Hostels

Chapter 3 – At The Airport
Topics covered:
What To Do at the HK Airport
The Octopus Card
Getting to your Hotel/Hostel
The Hong Kong MTR

Chapter 4 – Sightseeing
Topics covered:
Sightseeing in Hong Kong
Top 10 Tourist Spots
Things to do in Hong Kong
Breakdown of Famous Districts
Planning an Itinerary
Sample Itineraries
Useful Websites for Newbies / First Timers
Hong Kong Online Maps

Chapter 5 – Shopping and Dining
Topics covered:
Shopping in Hong Kong
Sale Season Guide
Electronics Shopping Guide
Shopping Recommendations
Local Dining Recommendations

Chapter 6 – Frequently Asked Questions (and Answers)
Topics covered:
Frequently Asked Questions
Estimating Pocket Money
Useful Tips / Reminders for First Timers

Chapter 7 – Miscellaneous
Topics covered:
Weather and Climate of Hong Kong (including Real-Time weather forecast)
Transportation Instructions for various tourist spots and theme parks
Introduction to Macau
Introduction to Shenzhen
Finding something in Hong Kong

Appendix 1
Topics covered:
Hong Kong Holidays
How to Post Pictures Here
Last Minute Reminders
Youtube Videos of Hong Kong (Useful for First Timers)

Appendix 2
Topics covered:
Detailed Guide on using the Airport Bus
All About Buying SIM Cards in Hong Kong

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Basic Information:

  • British Colony Until 1997 Handover to China
  • Currency: Hong Kong Dollar (Approx. 1HKD = 6PHP)
  • Electricity is same as Philippines, 220V but sockets are different
  • Summers are Wet, Hot and Humid (April to October) | Winters are Cold and Dry (December to February)
  • Territory is relatively small but very dense, packed and fast-paced lifestyle
  • Right-hand drive, look at left and right sides when crossing the street
  • Visa is NOT required for Filipino citizens (maximum stay of 14 days)
  • Do not be worried about HK immigrations, nothing to fear when you don’t have plans of being a TNT
  • Primary Language: Cantonese | Secondary: English and Mandarin
  • Standard of Living is much higher than the Philippines so expect everything to be more expensive starting with bottled water
  • 1 Hour ferry ride to Macau (Visa NOT Required for Macau, Passport needed)
  • Shenzhen is accessible from HK by Train (KCR). Chinese Visa REQUIRED.
  • Common sense for safety is required, watch out for pickpockets and “salisi” gangs.
  • Hong Kong is a very tourist friendly city, signs are all bilingual and are everywhere. You can hardly get lost.
  • Hong Kong is much much more than Ocean Park and Disneyland.
  • Hong Kong consists of 3 major parts: Kowloon Peninsula, Hong Kong Island and New Territories.
  • Hong Kong is synonymous to walking, prepare for long walks so bring comfortable shoes
  • Travelling around HK: The subway (MTR) will take you to most places, if not, the bus will. If there are 4 of you, the taxi sometimes becomes a cheaper and more convenient alternative to the subway.
  • Do not be afraid to explore HK, in the case you get lost, just head to the nearest MTR exit or take a taxi and give your address.
  • A 5 minute walk for Hongkongers means 10 minutes walk for Filipinos (since most of them are briskwalkers).
  • Hong Kong may seem small but it takes time to fully appreciate it.
  • Hong Kong is generally safe even for solo/female travellers but common-sense and vigilance is still required.
  • Left-Side of the Escalator is for people who are in a hurry, do not block their path by staying on this side.

Things You Should Know Before Going To Hong Kong
(A compilation of the most important information and most frequently asked questions.)

  1. WEATHER IN HONG KONG NOWCurrent Weather: http://www.weather.gov.hk/contente.htm
    15 Day Forecast: http://www.myforecast.com/bin/expand…94&metric=true
    Actual Conditions (Webcam): http://www.weather.gov.hk/wxinfo/ts/index_webcam_e.htm
    Climate: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Climate_of_Hong_Kong

    Those going during winter should check the webcam shots to see if HK is foggy or not. If it’s very foggy do not go to the Peak or Sky 100.

  2. List of Catholic churches and schedule of English masses:
    http://www.catholic.org.hk/v2/b5/mass_schedule/eng.htmlFor Christians:
    Sunday English worship service at St. Andrews Church (Anglican), 138 Nathan Rd
  3. Senior Citizens Discount. Senior Citizen is 65 years old and above in HK. Bring a proof of age like passport or driver’s license. If they will honor it, good. If not, then you have no choice. You can’t leave your seniors somewhere while you all enjoy the place. Disneyland honors foreign seniors. Ocean Park does not. There’s also a Senior version of the Octopus Card which should be cheaper.

    -ELDERS have a discount/s in HK (they have green colored octopuss card)
    -the cost of their entrance ticket to Disney is only 100 hkd
    -we rented one wheelchair in disney ($60 hk for a day) for my mother and the privileges more than pay for the rent … We are given importance. Example, we dont have to queue to enter a show or have a ride since a disney personnel will assist you while passing a different route (for those disabled)
    -there are reserved seats for disabled
    -the elders are free to ride the ship crossing tst and hk island
    -there are special queue for those with elders in hk/macau Immigration

  4. Sky 100 is NOW OPEN. http://www.sky100.com.hkSky 100 VS The Peak. Sky 100 is in Kowloon Island, The Peak is in HK Island; so the view will be different. The Peak Sky Terrace is open air while Sky 100 is inside the building behind a glass. If you have time, visit both. If not, visiting either will do. Both offers a good view of Hong Kong. Whether the entrance fee is worth it or not, you can be the judge of that. The Sky 100 website offers a 360 panorama of the view.

    View from Sky 100:

  5. Modern Toilet is NOW CLOSED. There is no more Modern Toilet in HK.
  6. Public Holidays http://www.hongkongextras.com/_publi…days-2013.html
  7. Updated Outlet List http://www.hongkongextras.com/_outlet_shops.html
  8. ”OK.”Ok ba itong hotel? Ok ba itong hostel? Ok ba itong package? Ok ba itong travel agency? Ok ba ang Disneyland? Ok ba ang Peak Tram? Ok lang ba pag 1 way lang kami sa Peak Tram o sa NP360? Ok lang ba mag bus from Peak? Ok ba ang Ocean Park? Ok ba ang Tiger Airways? Ok ba pumunta pag July? Ok ba pumunta pag February? Is this Ok Is that Ok?

    Everything important/pertinent you need to know is on this page. Everything you need to know to accomplish a successful DIY trip is also on this page. We won’t put anything that is not “OK”. On your part, you are free to divert from the things written here unless they are clearly specified like doing Macau and Ocean Park in 1 day. The same way, if it’s not here then most probably it’s because it won’t have a big effect on your trip. Either that or the information is already here, you just have to know how to utilize it properly or combining them to get what you are looking for. Leave the minute details to fate. Every trip abroad is an adventure, don’t plan everything to the dot because there will always be unforeseen circumstances no matter how well you plan it.

    With places that present multiple options like the Peak Tram and NP360, it is totally up to you whether or not to avail roundtrip rides. The same with reaching the Peak terminus, it depends if you want to walk there or if you want to take bus 15C. We give you the options, you make the decision. In the event you only decide to ride them 1 way, we have also included the instructions on how to get back without riding them. You are free to choose, don’t ask us what is OK because everything has a positive and negative side.

    If you are looking for reviews of a particular hostel or airline, there is a “search this thread” function. You can type “Tiger Airways” and see whatever post has the keyword in it. If the information isn’t here, it’s somewhere on the Web. Disneyland and Ocean Park both provide sufficient information on what you can find when you get there. Including what you can find during special seasons like Halloween, Christmas or Chinese New Year. Then there’s Google for everything else. This thread is the most spoon-fed guide to Hong Kong you will find online. Do your part; exert that tiny effort for anything you can’t find here.

    For those asking whether or not their itinerary is “OK”, you don’t have to ask anymore if you simply copied the sample itineraries on Page 1 or if you only revised/edited some parts of those sample itineraries. I see a lot of itineraries patterned after those in Page 1, no need to ask if they are OK.

    For those asking whether or not their pocket money is sufficient already, consult with the guide below on how to estimate the pocket money. Don’t forget to specify where you plan to go and for how many people the pocket money is.

    OK lang ba mag DIY kahit first time namin? Read this thread, read the old threads. Tons of people successfuly went to HK with only Page 1 as guide. They didn’t even have to post questions anymore.

    Tripadvisor.com provides comprehensive reviews and photos of hotels in HK.

    When is travel to HK “OK”? Depends what you are after. Sale? Weather? Celebrations? What? If you want to enjoy the cold weather, go to HK from November to March. If you want to go on a shopping spree, go to HK from July to August.

  9. CHEAPEST.Cheapest airline. Cheapest flight. Cheapest hostel. Cheapest hotel. Cheapest entrance ticket. Cheapest ferry ticket to Macau. Cheapest package tour. Cheapest place to eat. The 2nd most common word after OK.

    Cheapest airline and flight – Cebu Pacific’s Piso/Zero Fare Promo. Airlines regularly have promos so always be on the look out for them. Generally the earlier you buy, the cheaper it is. As a point of reference, regular airfare for CebPac is around P7-9k while it is around P8-12k for PAL. Yes you can fly to Macau then fly back from HK; and vice versa.

    Cheapest hostels can be found inside Chungking Mansions. IF you can stand the shady environment and chance upon a decent hostel inside it then stay here. Otherwise there are slightly more expensive but more decent hostels around the area.

    Cheapest hotel are usually those that are far from downtown HK. Good value hotels are listed below.

    Cheapest entrance ticket – See post below.

    Cheapest ferry ticket to Macau – Ferries to Macau have basically the same price but you can find travel agencies inside ferry terminals that sell discounted tickets. Yes they are legitimate. Detailed info on Macau below.

    Cheapest package tour – You will see this in online advertisements and newspapers. USUALLY they will come with a compulsory city tour which is a waste of time. Before asking if the tour is “worth it”, make sure you know the airline, the flights, the hotels included and the tours you are required to join. Generally we do not suggest joining a tour because HK is easy to go around on your own.

    Cheapest place to eat – local eateries or local fastfood like Café de Coral, MX and Fairwood. If you can brave the typical restaurant in HK then you will save a lot of money. You are in a different country, don’t settle with McDonalds, KFC and Yoshinoya.

    Cheapest, Most Convenient and Fastest (or “Best”) do not go along in 1 sentence. If you are after speed and convenience, prepare to pay more than the usual. If you want it cheap, prepare for some drawbacks. Be reasonable. Save enough to make your trip worthwhile. You won’t enjoy a trip to HK if you want to cut down costs on everything. Food is not terribly expensive and it is part of the culture so bringing in food from Manila defeats the purpose of going abroad. If you don’t have enough, save some more. Make it short but worthwhile.

  10. TRAVELING WITH MINORS AND OTHER AIRPORT/IMMIGRATION CONCERNSIf the minor is traveling without the parents, a DSWD permit is required to travel. If 1 of the parents is going, there is no need for this. Minors (2-12) can also avail of the discounted travel tax of P810 instead of P1620.
    2yrs and below is free. Remind the airport staff of the age discount. All travelers should pay the the terminal fee of P750. Do not make an itinerary that is so full and packed. Kids will easily get tired. More specially during summer where the weather is hot and humid.

    When booking airline tickets online, you most probably have to pay the travel tax at the airport. And then you also have to pay the terminal fee as stated above. You also need to bring the credit card used to purchase the tickets or a Xerox of it. Confirm with airline regarding the requirements. If you booked through a travel agency, you need to confirm with them whether or not the price you paid includes the travel tax already.

    You will NOT need to pay anything at the HK airport.

    Make sure your passport still has 6 months before it expires to avoid any hassles.

    Handcarry liquid should not exceed 100ml per canister/container. Umbrellas need to be checked-in.

    For those afraid of being questioned by the Immigration Officer in Manila or HK for whatever reason, prepare the necessary documents like company ID and arguments ahead of time. Do not look guilty if you have nothing to hide or it might only give you more trouble.

    Show Money – As long as it’s enough to feed you, pay the entrance fees and transportation fees, then it’s enough. They only ask this if they suspect that you’re going to be a TNT or illegal worker. If you have an itinerary prepared and a decent amount of pocket money, you won’t have any problem. Estimating pocket money can be found below.

    It is also recommended to have your passport with you while in HK just in case a Police Officer questions you. Make sure you have a photocopy of it in the hotel/hostel. There are many cases of overstaying in HK so the Police conducts random questioning.

    Don’t forget to grab a free map of Hong Kong in the HK International Airport.

    Hong Kong Airport Meeting Place – Burger King in the Arrivals Area or the Customer Service Counter

    More Tips for traveling with Kids/Toddlers:

    another nice-to-know for travelling with infants/babies…. most of the bigger tourist areas have changing rooms, there is a Baby area in Disneyland perfect for just resting, diaper changing and breastfeeding

    regarding whether to bring strollers or not… that will depend on
    1) where they want to go and how (If they’re going to be riding more buses than MTR, the stroller might prove to be a hassle kasi you have to keep on folding it and stowing it out of the way in the bus…. sa MTR, you have to carry it down and up stairs but there are elevators within the MTR station and spaces inside MTR cars for strollers and wheelchairs)
    2) who will carry the stroller up and down stairs, buses, etc
    3) how old their child is (newborns and infants are better held/worn, toddlers up to 3 years would really need strollers)
    4) where they’re going (Ocean park, kahit 6 year old will benefit from a stroller… but you can rent there naman… sa Disneyland, the attractions are closer together so the child will seldom spend time in the stroller, except maybe to nap)

    Ocean Park Strollers – HKD40 for the whole day (plus HKD60 deposit)
    Disneyland Strollers – HKD60 with a HKD100 deposit

  11. DISCOUNTED TICKETS.The price of discounted tickets are almost the same no matter where you buy them. Some may have cheaper Disneyland tickets but others might have cheaper Ocean Park tickets so buy from the one that is MOST CONVENIENT for you.

    Some hostels sell discounted admission tickets to Disneyland and/or Ocean Park but rarely do they sell tickets to Ngong Ping and The Peak. Include this in your inquiry with them and the rates of the said tickets. If they have tickets just buy from them. If not, you have 2 options.

    Option 1: Travel Easy or Sally’s in Worldwide House, Central exit B.
    Option 2: CTS in the airport (arrivals area) or any of their branch in downtown HK.
    Branches and Hours: http://www.ctshk.com/english/aboutus…s/branches.pdf

    Recent reports say they do not accept credit cards anymore. CTS in the airport does not operate 24/7, they close at 10PM. If you have any plans of buying Peak and Ngong Ping tickets in advance, buy it in CTS. We suggest this if you want to avoid the long lines. There are no discounted tickets for Ngong Ping 360 and The Peak.

    The 3-in-1 meal voucher can only be bought at Disneyland. Whether it’s sulit or not depends on you. You can get 2 vouchers while the others can order ala carte. But if you think you will be able to consume the food included in the meal voucher then just get a voucher for everyone. Average meal in Disneyland will cost around 80HKD.

    PS: Disneyland and Ocean Park tickets are “ride all you can” tickets.

  12. Octopus Card vs Airport Express Travel Pass.The consensus for this is that the travel pass is not worth it. You won’t be able to maximize the ride-all-you-can. So just stick with the Octopus Card. For those staying for 3-4 days, 150HKD is enough (including 50HKD deposit). If you are taking the AE to the city, purchase it separately (preferably as a group so you will have discounts). The AE has free shuttles to selected hotels. Details below on the Octopus Card.
  13. Never ending question about Citygate outlets.Some say it sells old stock, some say it has current collections. Some say it’s not worth it, some say they found good bargains. If you have time for it, if you are in the vicinity, then go ahead check it out. If not, there are a couple of outlet stores in TST. When there is a sale going on, there might not be a need to go to an outlet store altogether. Just shop wherever you want to. Bottomline: If you have very limited time in HK, just shop in the city.
  14. Never ending question on Money Exchange.No matter if you change your money here in the Philippines or in Hong Kong, the discrepancy in the exchange rate for a pocket money of P20,000 is less than P100 so do whichever is CONVENIENT for you. Don’t give yourself a headache over P100, it’s not worth it.

    You can exchange all your HKD here or you can exchange a small amount here and the others in Hong Kong. Whatever happens, do not exchange in the HK airport because their rates are the worst.

    Where to exchange USD/PHP in HK: Inside Mirador Mansion in Tsim Sha Tsui (Yes they are legit and safe, just canvass for the best rate) or Worldwide House in Central.

    According to Philippine laws you cannot bring more than USD10,000 or its equivalent in another currency. You also cannot bring out more than PHP10,000. Which means the maximum amount you can bring out is USD9,750 AND PHP10,000 per person. Airport security usually does not check pocket money so for me it’s safe to bring out more than P10k as long as your wallet is not bulging already.

  15. HOSTELS. Never ending question of whether a specific hostel is “OK” or not.DO NOT STAY IN CHUNGKING MANSIONS. Why? You’ll know when you get there.

    For the nth time, if it’s listed below then it’s OK. If it’s listed below then it means it’s clean, has a good location and very decent overall. The only reason these hostels made the list below is because a Pexer has previously stayed in it and gave a good feedback.

    Alternatives for Hostel Booking: Airbnb, Hostelworld and Hostelbookers. How to contact them? Go to their website. E-mail them or call them. Hostels are practically all the same. Same size, same services, same old building, same accessibility. If the hostel you are asking is not listed below, search it in Google to see if there are any reviews of it online.

    Never ending question on sneak-ins. Hostel – NO SNEAK-INS. For big hotels yes you can do it. If a hostel room is for 2 people, 3 people cannot pay the price of 2. Read details below. How to know if a hotel has a big lobby? Go to their website or to Tripadvisor.com for photos.

    Do hostels provide toiletries? Discounted tickets? WiFi? Drinking water? Rice? E-mail them, inquire. We do not represent these hostels and their freebies do vary.

  16. Unless you plan to exhaust yourself, don’t go to Disneyland, Ocean Park and Macau in a 4D3N trip. It is impossible to do all 3 if you only have 3D2N. You will end up rushing, tired and failing to enjoy the experience. Forget about shopping if you will do an “amazing race” type of trip. If you want to enjoy Macau, allot at least 1 whole day for it. Disneyland, Macau and Ocean Park all need 1 whole day each to fully enjoy them.Tourist spots like Disneyland, Macau, Ocean Park, Ngong Ping and The Peak are crowded during weekends. Given na iyan. Even more crowded during holidays in China like May 1, October 1-3, Chinese New Year, Mid-Autumn Festival, etc.

    Conditions during summer, specially outdoors, can be unbearable. You have been warned.

  17. TRANSPORT FROM AIRPORT AND WITHIN HONG KONGYou have the choice of taxi, bus (Cityflyer), or train (Airport Express). The airport bus is cheap, convenient and easy to use. You can also ask the hotel/hostel to provide you with instructions on how to get to their place; and how to leave their place.

    The Hong Kong subway system is very extensive and easy to use. It will take you to almost anywhere you want to go. I don’t know why people keep asking how to use the bus. Use the MTR, it’s the best and easiest way to get around HK unless specified otherwise.

    If you are 4 or 5 sometimes it is cheaper to travel by taxi specially for shorter distances since you will divide the cost by all of you. Just don’t travel by taxi during rush hour or you will be stuck in traffic.

    The “Getting To” section below is as good and as clear as it gets. It won’t get any more straightforward than how it’s already written so find the time to understand it.

    Learn how to use Google Maps for getting directions and approximate distances. You can also use Street View mode to see what the street looks like as if you’re actually there.

    This is a good map alternative for Google Maps: http://www.mtr.com.hk/eng/facilities/lm.html
    For directions, you can also use this: http://hketransport.gov.hk/routesearch.aspx
    Citybus and NWSTBus websites also have journey planners for routes using the bus.

  18. The Century Old Ding Ding Tram is the best way to see Hong Kong island at a relaxing pace because it traverses the main roads of HK island and is almost parallel to the MTR island line so don’t be afraid to get lost. It only costs HKD2.30 no matter the distance. You can ride any tram except Happy Valley. Ride on the 2nd floor for the best views. If you have free time, this is a good way to kill time.

    More info here:

  19. LOCKERS.Lockers in Ngong Ping / Citygate: Both place have lockers. Prices are almost the same. Check their website for location or ask their staff when you get there.

    HK Airport:

    Ngong Ping 360:
    We provide 20 lockers for rent. The size of each locker is 84cm (H), 40cm (W), 87cm (D) The rates are HK$20 for every three hours or HK$70 for one day. Please contact our staff when you arrive at Tung Chung Cable Car Terminal for more details.

    Lockers are located in Basement 2

    Storage lockers (Small HKD40 / Big HKD60) are available for rental at Hong Kong Disneyland Park on the north end of Center Street, midway up Main Street, U.S.A. They also have a baggage counter (HKD60/piece regardless of size).

    Ocean Park:
    Big – 95HKD | Small – 70HKD

  20. Food is the last thing you should worry about. HK people love to eat; they have very high standards when it comes to food so it is very rare to find a restaurant that has bad quality. No matter if it’s Chinese, Asian, Desserts or Western food, it will most probably be better than the average restaurant we have to offer. Don’t settle for western fastfood when there are tons of delicious food in HK.Do not worry where you will eat in HK because there’s literally a restaurant every block. You will never run out of choices and places to eat. Bring disposable spoon and fork just in case the restaurant only has chopsticks. Unless you have a LOT of free time do not try to make life difficult by trying to plan/plot where you will eat for a particular meal. Trips abroad usually means the usual time for eating won’t be followed.
    Tendencies are you will just eat when you get hungry. Like I said, restaurants are everywhere in HK. You will NOT go hungry no matter where you are.

    If it’s not a classy sit-down restaurant, prepare to pay around 20-30HKD for a rice meal (Chicken, rice, veggies) or a bowl of beef noodles. For Disneyland, it’s definitely above 50HKD per head per meal. An average of 50HKD per meal should be sufficient.

    For any food/dining related concerns, please visit this website:

  21. SHOPPING.Number 1 rule for those planning to shop, canvass target items in Manila first so you will have a price reference. Nobody will be able to give you a guarantee whether or not something is cheaper in HK so canvass first! At least when you get to HK you will know immediately if it’s cheaper or not.

    Fashionable clothes for women (non-branded) – Argyle Center in Mongkok, Granville Circuit in TST, Causeway bay – Island Beverly, Fashion Island, Fashion Walk, Causeway Bay Plaza 1, Lee Gardens, Lee Gardens 2, Lee Theatre Plaza, Jardines Bazaar, Jardines Cresent. See Causeway Bay map below for details.

    Souvenirs – The typical “gas-gas” souvenirs can be found in Ladies Market and Cameron Road in TST. I Love HK shirts are 5pcs for 100HKD. Magnets cost 10HKD. Remember to bargain hard. The Peak also sells souvenirs; much expensive but better quality.

    Rubber Shoes – Fa Yuen Street in Mongkok has plenty of rubber shoes shops that sell authentic items. They have the best price and selection. Old stocks are put on sale.

    Ladies Market – Knock-offs you can find in Manila. And the usual souvenirs. Not a place to shop for clothes other than those “I love HK” t-shirts. Temple Street Night Market – Knick-knacks and other novelty items. Also not a place to shop for clothes. Not too many souvenirs either.

    Best place to shop for clothes, Tsim Sha Tsui and Causeway Bay. Hong Kong has brands that are not available in Manila yet like H&M, American Eagle, E-Base, Hollister, etc.

    Cosmetics and Perfumes – Cheaper in HK. Lung Shing Dispensary on Granville Road, TST.

    Sale Season is July to Early September but there are smaller sporadic sales throughout the year.

  22. MACAU.There are 3 points in HK where you can take the ferry to Macau. Sheung Wan, Tsim Sha Tsui and the Airport.
    If you are staying in Kowloon then obviously the nearest ferry terminal is in Tsim Sha Tsui. Please read details below under Macau section.
  23. What can you see here? What is so special with this place? GOOGLE IT.
  24. If you are a first time traveler abroad, better to have a hotel/hostel reservation just in case the immigration officer asks for it. If you are staying with a friend, make sure you know the exact address and the occupation of the friend.
  25. Ocean Park Cable Car, Ngong Ping 360 and The Peak Tram have regular maintenance scheduled. Check their website to see if they are operational during the duration of your trip.
  26. ALLOWANCE. Make sure you allot an allowance for the travel time, the waiting time, the pocket money, etc. Don’t make an itinerary or a budget plan that is so rigid. There should always be an allowance.
  27. ROAMING AND SIM CARDS. Cellphone roaming is very expensive no matter which service provider you have. If you want to communicate within HK and to Philippines, better buy a local SIM card in HK. On the average they only cost around 50HKD. You can buy a prepaid SIM in 7-Eleven or inside Mirador Mansion near Wing Hoi. Chungking also sells them. Detailed section including charges can be found below.
  28. Where to stay in HK? It doesn’t matter! The most popular districts are Tsim Sha Tsui and Causeway Bay but because HK has a very good transportation system, all you have to do is stay in a hotel/hostel that is walking-distance to an MTR station and preferably along the path of the airport bus (Cityflyer). All areas have their fair share of restaurants, malls and commercial establishments. As long as you don’t stay in the far regions (Tak Kok Tsui, Shatin, Hung Hom, Tsuen Wan, Western District, Tsing Yi) then you are OK.
  29. Do NOT miss the fireworks display in Disneyland. It’s the best attraction of the theme park.
  30. HKD can be used in Macau, no need to change currencies. MOP cannot be used in HK.
  31. Airport buses have an LCD screen so you will know what stop it is and what the next stop is. There are also “stop” buttons you can press if you will alight at the next stop. Just to make sure the bus will stop.
  32. The A21/A11 buses operate until midnight. After midnight take the N21/N11 buses which have a slightly different route but should still be similar to the day routes. Check this site for the detailed routes:http://www.nwstbus.com.hk
  33. Snoopyworld is a VERY small recreation area for kids. If you don’t have time, you don’t have to go all the way to Shatin for it.
    Charlie Brown Cafe – G/F 58-60 Cameron Road, Tsim Sha Tsui
  34. Do NOT buy Electronics along Nathan Road. You have been warned. Electronics that are brand new (boxed) CAN be taxed by NAIA customs officials, as well as brand new luxury goods like LV bags.
  35. There’s NO NEED to book any entrance ticket online. No need to book Macau ferry tickets online either.





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