Guam Travel Guide 

Guam Travel Guide

Guam Travel Guide from Philippines
Hey guys! How are ya! Hahaha
March 16 – 20
Manila March 16 10PM via Philippine Airlines

Guam March 17 2AM via Philippine Airlines

Guam March 20 7AM via Philippine Airlines

Manila March 20 10AM via Philippine Airlines

There are only Three Airlines that flies to Guam from Manila. via Philippine Airlines via Cebu Pacific ( the cheapest ) and United.
Guam is a Territory of USA so you need a US Visa before going. 🇺🇸
This is a small island. Meaning this territory has lots of beaches. 
If you’re a Filipino dont be scared to get lost because there are lots of Filipinos living here. I get confused with the chamorros and filipinos because they are all the same. So you need to speak with english. and check their accents first. 😅
This is a SOLO travel. I have no idea where to go, where to eat, all i know is that i have booked a return flight and a place where to stay. And all i know that there is a nearby beach. Thats it.
The place where I stay is very near at the airport. I got it from AirBNB. and i guess the cheapest. I got it for only 3300 ( with a promo code ) because per night is 2500 special thanks to the code. ps. my host has “no wifi”. but its ok. You get what you paid for. Hotels and Inns in Guam are so expensive. Dont know why. It ranges from 3000 per night. Taxi’s are very expensive as well around 10 USD for a very short distance. 
That why I have a challenge to myself. 100 USD challenge. For all the things I need. 

Foods. Transpo. Etc. except pasalubong. 😜 is pasalubong is mandatory? Hahaha

I havent done much here in Guam because of my challenge. The more places you want to see the more expenses you get. 

Day 1. 
March 17. Since my arrival is very early. 2am. I intended to sleep at the airport until 9am. I ask my host if I can check in early and she said “yes”. Usually check in is 2pm. 
I intend to get a taxi because its my first time. It cost me 13USD for very short distance. Its good that the driver is a filipino. 😀 he said that there is a nearby Denny’s Resto.
Good thing my place where I stay has a nearby 24HR convinient store. 
Since my place has no wifi. Another challenge for me is #nowifichallenge. 😭
Had my breakfast at Denny’s for 16USD. I get the cheapest one. With extra rice. Hehehe
So my first destination is to look for a beach. Since there is no wifi and i have no idea where to go because i didnt do research. In short. ‘nga nga’ 😃 nothing. so in this case i have to ask someone. One by one.  
So for my first destination is Ypao Beach. 
All i know from my place there is a nearby beach. Good thing. 

There is a store nearby at the beach that has a free wifi. My first check in at around 4pm hehehe to tell everyone im fine. ☺️
Since im tired already and havent slept very well, I decided to continue my journey the next day. 
Day 2. 
When i woke up. It rains very hard. So i dont know should I go out or not.

I dont have any umbrella. Good thing my host lended me one. So the journey must go. Hahaha. Journey talaga or should i say my adventures in Guam. 
Guam is a Tropical Place. ( correct me if im wrong ) . Just like Philippines.

Sometimes it rains, Sometimes its sunny!
I took a bus going to Micronesia Mall. One way bus fare is $4. 

There is a unli bus ride for $12 ( photos below ) or 2 days $15 ( with free wifi )
First place i visit Two Lovers Point. Bus Ride is $10. Includes entrance fee.

Second Mall Hopping. Big Malls in Guam are Micronesia Mall, K Mart and GPO. ( they have a free wifi )
Day 3
Its sunday! Im a Catholic and attending a Mass is a must. 

They said that everytime you go on a first time visit in a Church.

You can make a wish! 

There is a nearby Church in GPO. They have lots of schedules. So no need to worry.

PS day 3 is raining very hard again.

After that, mall hopping again until my check out. Since i have 2 day pass. Unli ride.
My flight back to Manila is early 7am Guam Time. So i need to be at the airport as early as 4am. I decided again to sleep at the airport ( para hindi sayang ang pera )

I bought my dinner at the mall because airport food is so expensive. I decided to walk from my place to airport since its very near but to my surprise there is a filipino couple who dines at mcdonalds that who let me join them in their car and dropped me off at the airport. mam. sir. Thanks very much. ☺️
Again! If you want to explore more of Guam. You need to pay more. In DOLLARS! Hahaha this is just an intro so you have an idea. 😉
– A nice map can be found at the entrance of GPO.

– KMart is a 24 HR Store.

– Two Major Bus Company. LamLam and LeaLea
questions? richangelo168 my instagram